We are beyond excited to have our friend Ariel of fak3shion on the blog today. Hailing from Taiwan, we both fell in love with her creative Pisces spirit and uh-mazing sense of fashion right from the first moment we met her. I mean, just look at the photos that she took of us (here too!). We were in need of another collaboration, but this time we wanted Ariel to be in front of the camera. It only seemed fitting to have our mutual friend Andrew take the photos.

StyleBFFs: We’re going to give you all the cred on this one-- you totally came up with the girl gang concept for this shoot. What inspired that for you?

Ariel: Initially I came across this editorial from the Alexa Chung for AG Jeans collaboration. They sent three adorable bloggers to the desert and the theme "Girl Gang" is thoroughly charming. I love the effortless BFFs vibe in it, which is something I definitely wish for. I've been running my blog, Facebook, and Instagram all by myself for about a year now. I love the creativities and freedom I have by doing it solo, but it gets pretty lonely sometimes; especially when I am not in any "community" or "gang", and my real life friends are not really spinning in the blogosphere. Therefore when we are talking about our group shoot, this idea was the one to do. Thank you ladies for making my dream came true!   

Fashion should be a layer that we put on to enhance the inner beauty, not cover it. Both [Shini and Rachel] are people that make me wanna spam their every trackable contact information and ask them to be my friend.
— Ariel on her ultimate girl gang

BFFs: If you could choose two fashion icons (besides us, JK)  to join your girl gang, who would it be and why?

A: Oh geez... this one is tough 'cause I have so many that I stalk 24/7. (CAN WE JUST BE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY?) But if I could choose some from a more sensible reality, (celebs are too cheesy, so please allow me skip it, otherwise I'm going to drop names like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, duh) I would say Shini from PARK & CUBE and Rachel from That's Chic. I mean, sure I know they are based in different cities (Shini is in London and Rachel is from LA) and with very different styles, but one common trait - and the most important one - they are real.

BFFs: How did you come up with your blog name fak3shion?

    A: Sometimes people ask me how to pronounce it, and what does it mean? Literally, it’s like fashion but fake, so it’s just fake-shion. I was trying to state an opinion on how I think about fashion (design) as a form of art, it’s very different from what people call fashion (styling) nowadays. Fashion nowadays may not be original anymore, but style could be. If it says YOU, it is yours. Therefore, it is a cultivation of your own taste throughout years, that's still in development along with your personality and appearance, plus occasional experiments. It’s all about the wearer, not what’s being worn. Life is fashion, fashion is style. At least that's the lifestyle I am producing on my blog.

BFFs: To be a fashion blogger or an insta-blogger. Thoughts?

A: It's fun! I wouldn't really call myself a fashion blogger since I blog on many different subjects, such as lifestyle and travel. I like to mix up my life experiences and thinking into my blogging, that's why most of my "fashion" posts are not talking about clothing. Same thing with Instagram, I share myself on my account, but I am not just all about fashion. The reason why I use these media is not just to show off my fashion items, it is more about myself and my personal taste in life. A lot of Instagram accounts are so overly advertised. Sure its pleasant to browse, but it gets very superficial. 

With the shift of my clothing style, I think that transformation can apply to my lifestyle and artwork style as well. I am willing to experimenting with different media and stepping out of my comfort zone and not being afraid to be criticized. I feel like I am learning something new in the art field and in daily life everyday. Seeing people with different talents, talking to people I don’t know or haven’t known for a long time, everything is the best material to be explored on - it’s so cliche but so true.
— Ariel on style and other creative outlets
I’d like to say my style is inspired by androgyny. I like to mingle menswear details into my ladywear. I always enjoy to install a little bit of the debonair-ness onto myself. I’m not simply trying to look boyish, but I like my style to be cool-chic; a little bit whimsical, and a little bit playful.
— Ariel on her personal style

Check out Ariel's site: here. All photos by Andrew Lam